To the person who understands everything through one glance, who refuses to have chocolate if it’s my favourite, who secretly watches me staring at the waves, who says, “you’ll do everything girls don’t”, who convinces me like an eight year old after upsetting me, who loves to argue, who knows something is wrong even without the slightest hint, who wishes to have complete details about how my day was, who is an expert in hiding emotions, who tries to lie but fails every time, who has taught me innumerable life lessons, whose favourite work is to annoy me, who winks and says, “I love to irritate you because there’s no greater joy in the world”,
To the person who never fails to make me smile,
To you, dear brother,

My thanks-
For that cup of chai we had in the coldest weather.

For taking me to a drive when I needed it the most.
For asking me if I was fine when you yourself weren’t.
For letting me rest on your shoulder when I was exhausted.
For attending to my needs, no matter how sleepy you were.
For complimenting the painting I made when it was horrible.
For that boiled butta we had when it was raining incessantly.
For improving my debating skills by opposing everything I said.
For understanding things through a single glance so that I wouldn’t have to speak much.
For waking up at six and wishing me luck for my exam, when you had a plan to get up at ten.
For saying “of course” when I asked you to do me a favour, when you already had work piled up.
For smiling when I looked at you, no matter how broken you were (that smile is a treasure to die for!)

My apologies-
For saying things you didn’t want to hear.

For acting irrationally when you didn’t want me to.
For delaying your urgent work because of prior commitments.

For not being able to have a nice, long conversation with you, frequently.
For quarreling with you on the tiniest issue just because I had a mood swing.
For messing your hair up the minute you set them and saying ‘sorry’, though I never mean it 😛 

My most sincere wishes-
That you smile every day, knowing that this sister of yours will never stop loving you.

That I could hug you tight, every time we meet and not just shake hands and give a formal side hug.

Things you’ve taught me-
To lead a life bereft tensions.

To never belittle a person’s hard work.
To turn a blind eye to people who pass comments.
To understand that experience is the greatest teacher.
To laugh at my own mistake because there’s no point in feeling repentant.
To be multi-tasking since I complete my work and talk to you at the same time 😛

“I don’t love to irritate you”, said no brother, ever.
You’re an exception to the saying, “everything has its limits”. No, the thrill that you derive by annoying me has no limit. The keenness to see that annoyed face of mine can never lessen. I’ve always failed to understand what pleasure it gives you. It’s astounding how every brother in this universe has mastered his annoying skills.

You’re so darn firm to annoy me, that if anyone wants to learn to be adamant, I’d send that person to you.

The hypocrisy-
You are the truest symbol of hypocrisy. You say “drive slowly” when you yourself don’t, “have meals on time” when you have lunch at five, “be on time” when you show up at ten for a meeting scheduled for eight, “learn to have patience” when you cannot wait for five extra minutes (I know you are smiling, recalling the moments when you’ve done this :P)

What makes me love you even more is when you ask ‘how was your day?/what did you do today?’. Certainly, nothing can change the past but asking these questions can comfort a person.
It’s insane how you keep shut on seeing me sad when you want to ask a thousand questions because you know that I’d rather prefer silence.
It’s fascinating how you wait until I am not visible when you drop me at a place.
And all this, my dear brother, is the highest level of affection.

One piece of advice-
If you don’t give me gifts on my birthday, it’s okay. You don’t have to. You yourself are a gift to me. Rather, stand with me when everyone else stands against me and believe in my words when everyone else makes fun of them.

To every brother who is reading this, you’re a jewel. I am, indeed, the luckiest person to have not one, but, so many brothers!
Anyone who asks me, “Who’s your best friend?” my heart prompts your name because you fit so flawlessly into the definition of a ‘best friend’!
Much love,
Little sister.


      Gratitude: A way to reciprocate

What is it that we’ve not been given by the Almighty? We’ve all been given more than what we deserve, isn’t it? There’s nothing we can do to reciprocate except feeling grateful for all that has been bestowed upon us.
We must feel appreciative for being given birth in this universe (how utterly breathtaking its beauty is!), for having a family, for having the strength and courage to reach where we are today.
We should also be thankful for every person we meet. Each one of them has something for us; each of them knows something we don’t.

If there’s one thing for which we should feel most blessed, it’s the problems that we have faced and the obstacles that we have fought.
Nothing in this world happens without a reason. Nothing. Broke your hand one day before an exam? Missed the train because you were a minute late? Didn’t get support when you needed it the most? Stuttered in front of a hundred gazing eyes after preparing beforehand?
Stop regretting and start thanking these incidents. These have what made you, you.

We’re just a minute creature to this universe, like what a jiffy is to a year or a drop is to an ocean. Our absence will have no effect on nature. Despite this, how can we call our problems ‘big’? 
Every time we encounter a problem, we should thank God for two reasons. First, that we’ve emerged stronger than we were, before facing the problem. Second, that we’re lucky since the damage could have been much more.

Feeling grateful also requires to have faith. We have a tendency to call tasks which require dedication difficult. This is incorrect. Tasks demanding our determination are not difficult, they are the ones which take us one step further; one step closer towards our goal. There is a way too much depth in the saying “where there is a will, there is a way” than we realize. No task can be unachievable; no river can be impassable, if we’re adamant to give our best, come what may! We’ll be able to do so only if we have faith, isn’t it?

Today, the biggest problem we are victims of is the excessive use of technology. This has become a threat so great that we’re unwilling to do anything on our own. Worse, even if we are willing, we’re unable to do anything without the internet.
In addition to reducing our memory and harming our eyesight, the use of mobile phones has affected us a little too much. 

Don’t we see people with power banks everywhere?  Don’t we call people not using social media ‘outdated’? Aren’t we unable to keep calm when there is no internet connection?
We’ve forgotten the reality and are living in the virtual life. Why? Because it gives us comfort. Let’s face it: this comfort is cent percent temporary.

There are people who say- ‘sitting alone and watching the waves? What a sheer waste of time!’
Well, the time you spend with your cell phone won’t bring you much glory. People don’t seem to understand this. Why do we want to keep others updated about ourselves by posting pictures and statuses? Let’s understand that it’s fine if people don’t know where we are; with whom we are.
Why do we want to see something that is in front of us through the camera? Isn’t this irrational?
They say, ‘pictures are for memories’. We might lose the picture one day but if we’re not busy taking pictures, our heart will automatically capture the moment. That is when it gets stored in the permanent memory. That is when we really enjoy the moment.

The best way to express gratitude is to make the most of our life and the best way to make the most of our life is to nourish our soul. This addiction of ours to the virtual world belittles our soul; it belittles the very purpose of our life.

Expressing gratitude means to value everything and everyone we have right now. This is what most of us cannot do. Yes, we cannot value things (or people) when they are with us. We then begin to weep the moment they are gone. Nobody has been able to win the race with time. Let’s understand that everything we have now will be gone one day. It’s called the permanence of the impermanence.
Taking care of ourselves is also a part of expressing gratitude. We have become so engrossed in our work that we’ve forgotten to take out time for ourselves. Believe it or not, many of us don’t even smile once a day. Such is our schedule that we always have a tensed look on our face. Always. Come on! A smile a day wouldn’t cost you that much!

Each time we smile, we feel thankful, don’t we? This means that we oughtn’t to move rocks to express our gratitude, but, just smile (genuinely)




I wish.

I wish the world could understand that there is much more to life than work for a person from nine to five.

I wish the world could understand that small and simple things matter.

I wish the world could understand that kindness is much more valuable than people think it is.

I wish the world could understand the amount of negativity gossip brings with it.

I wish the world could understand how important it is to spend time with nature.

I wish the world was not taken over by smart phones.

I wish that this high- tech world could be redeemed by books.

I wish the world could understand how underrated solitude is.

I wish the world could understand the true definition of a best friend.

I wish the world could give equal respect to all shades of skin.

I wish the world was a little less atrocious to enable every girl get out at night, without fear.

I wish the world could admire the beauty of rains and the magic of the moon.

I wish the world could take life a little less seriously.

I wish all my wishes could come true.